Video in English: How to do Online Training programs & workshops in Zoom Chennai Event Professionals Anchoring and Technical Support

Pls watch this 2.5mins video to understand what are the support we would be able to give you for Online Programs.

Major Support

1) Helping you create the posters
2) Marketing Support
3) Scheduling the Zoom call
4) Technical assistance for the participants before the session starts
5) Introducing the speaker
6) Taking care of the questions and concerns in the chat box so that the speaker can take care of delivery without any interruption
7) Helping the speaker with the questions filtered from the chat box
8) Creating awareness about the future programs
9) Video recording and downloading the videos
10) Creating Whatsapp Groups and Google Forms to collect database, confirm participation and for further follow-ups

If you are looking for an Online Anchor to organize and host your show, please feel free to ping us on 9003087198 | 8610257395

Please do Watch our Virtual Event Videos in the below link:

Event Emcees for Online Training Programs Workshops and Webinars

Chennai Event Professionals Online Presence and Technical Background to support Webinars, Training Programs and Workshops

Dear Trainers | Coaches | Consultants and Subject Matter Experts!

Hope you all have started doing Webinars, Online Training Programs and Workshops due to the lock down. Best wishes for your online events. As you add value to your participants through your online programs, We from Chennai Event Emcees Entertainers and Professionals would like to extend our support to you.

Apart from anchoring the session, we can also help you with technical stuffs like setting up the meeting/call, creating PDF, Flyers, and promoting / marketing your program through different Social Media. Please do watch the below video to understand in what way we would be able to associate with you to create Win-Win-Win situation..

Video in English_Using an Event Emcee for Online Training programs and Technical Support what Chennai Event Professionals can offer

Video in Tamil_Online Training Programs in Lock down Period and Chennai Event Professionals Technical Support helping to create Flyers, PDFs, Setting up Online calls and marketing in different Social Media

Video in English_Chennai Event Emcees supporting Trainers Coaches Consultants and Subject Matter Experts to do Webinars Online Workshops and Training Programs

Video in Tamil_Webinars Online Workshops and Training programs by Coaches Consultants Trainers and Subject Matter Experts supported by Chennai Event Professionals

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We at Chennai Event Professionals cater to:

  • Birthday Party
  • Wedding | Sangeet
  • Family Get-together
  • Corporate Team Outing
  • Promotional Activities (BTL)
  • Audio Launch
  • Press Meet
  • Reunion
  • Sports Events
  • Marathon
  • Mall Activity
  • Team Building Activity
  • Out Bound Training
  • School / College Cultural Day
  • Alumni Meet
  • Apartments Activity
  • Fashion Show
  • Dealers Meet
  • Product Launch
  • Awards Function
  • Travel Events
  • Roadshows
  • Quiz Shows
  • Festival Events (Diwali, Pongal, Christmas, New Year Event, etc)
  • and any other customized event

MC Thamizharasan Emcee Nandhini Aravindan Mentor Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian NChennai Event Emcees Thamizharasan and Nandhini Aravindan Events Motto

For more information and to make your event more memorable please do connect with us at:
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Wish you a very great day!

Male Emcee Thamizharasan for New Year Party Events in Chennai and Puducherry

Male Emcee Thamizharasan for New Year Party Events in Chennai and Puducherry