MC Thamizh Business Opportunities Sharing Whatsapp Group Guidelines

Group created on 25th March 2020 and guidelines created and posted at 10pm.

Hi All! Welcome to this MC Thamizh Business Sharing Whatsapp Group which is mainly created to share business opportunities during this crisis period and also beyond that. This is admin only group where only myself, my business partner and co-anchor Nandhini Aravindan and our Mentor Business Coach and Consultant Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N can post.

Most of you would have been affected by Shutdown period and “No work” being at home. You may be looking out for additional sources online to earn some income to take care of atleast your basic needs. That’s the main purpose of this group. Beyond earning, we also make sure that learning as well happens through this group.

Most of the time we may be focusing only on our regular job and when someone shares a new opportunity we may not listen to it as we are very much comfortable with our regular job. But this crisis time would have made us realize that beyond our regular work, additional work online may help us at times. For the next one or two months, most of the work / earning would be online based. So whether you like it or not, whether you understand or not, it’s hightime you need to focus on online related work.

We are associating with few teams where the works are online based. We would share those opportunities here. You shall do the research from your side and then decide whether you can take up those projects or not.

Any point of time, if you feel this group is not for you or not serving your purpose, you shall feel free to exit the group. We understand your priorities.

I’m sure you are aware we have another group for Members Posting “CEE Business Opportunities Sharing Whatsapp Group“. So if you have any opportunities to be posted, you can make use of the other group to post it. Or if you would like the opportunity to be validated or discussed with us for any opinion, you shall ping us in PC.

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Male Emcee Thamizharasan for New Year Party Events in Chennai and Puducherry