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Tips to all those who are frustrated about online jobs part time jobs saying it’s fake not genuine

Clarification on Online Training Programs and Seminars Chennai EnterTrainer Thamizharasan

All about Corona Virus Lockdown Business ideas Family Work Life Balance Work from home_MC Thamizh

Sharing all my learning and observations in the last 10 days related to Corona alert and Business Ideas and how to overcome this tough time.

Things discussed in this video:
1) Role of Housewives – no rest – no leave no matter what – work 24/7/365
2) Why no difference in my workstyle inspite of doing work from home
3) Why is that I’m still busy inspite of less work / no work
4) What’s the best we can do about Corona Virus and what shouldnt we do
5) When everyone is talking about family time, why am I talking about professionals life?
6) Am I the only one who talks about professional life at this emergency time?
7) So many webinars happening online? Which one should you attend and how to get maximum out of it?
8) What is Intelectual Constipataion? what’s the solution?
9) Fill the gap what you have identified in your business and start working on innovation
10) Effective schedule for the day – Watch videos, apply it, shoot videos, write articles, create content, do marketing

Suggestions and request to Tamilnadu Government to fight against Corona Virus Covid 19

Let’s remind ourselves about our strengths and use it to fight against this deadly virus

What’s our strength which other countries dont have?
Why do we give tasks to our CEE team members even in this tough time of Corona Virus Outbreak (Video in Tamil)

Things discussed in this video:
1) What is the best service we can do the society in this tough time?
2) How many days we would be able to stay at home doing nothing?
3) Keeping yourself engaged
4) Develping discipline to do work regularly no matter what
6) Trust on the team and the belief that there is someone to support us
7) Busy work Vs Productive work

Let’s take Section 144 & Lockdown in Tamilnadu very serious and co operate to say Bye Bye to Corona Virus

Section 144 in Tamilnadu from 24th March 6pm to 31st March 2020

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Thanks and gratitude to all those who work selflessly to protect Indians against Corona Virus

Claps to Doctors Health professionals and others for their selfless service against corona virus


Reminder for the Janta Curfew tomorrow 22nd March 7am to 9pm to protect us from Corona Virus

Things discussed in the video:
Why Janta Curfew?
What to do, what not to do on 22nd March!
What’s the current situation in Tamilnadu?
What’s the mentality of the shop keepers here?

Sorry, forgot to mention about this in the video, pls make a note of it: Lets express our gratitude to those who have been selflessly working for us in this tough situation by clapping at 5pm for 5mins being in our terrace or balcony

#covid19 #pray #prevent #precaution #plan #prepare #helpeachother #primeminister #pmspeech #socialdistancing #jantacurfew #fightagainstcorona #corona #awareness #isupportjantacurfew

My routine during Corona Virus Outbreak_Facing the setback and preparing myself for the busy days_Chennai EnterTrainer Thamizharasan Karunakaran

Things discussed in this video:

Type of people during this break period:
1) Desperate for work and need to work everyday at any cost to meet the needs
2) Optimistic and use time to complete other pending works (professional and personal)
3) Plan and complete the Pending works and also plan for future (Content creation and marketing)
4) Plan to do their work through Online (Online events, Online training, etc)
5) Innovative thinking to get new ideas for their businesses for this crisis period and also for future

My life style now:
1) I dont spend time in pitching in for events (as there is more chance of cancellations in last minute inspite of being booked)
2) I have my task list and keep doing my work (back logs, skill development, long term pending work, content creation, marketing, etc)
3) Plan finance and make sure I’m able to handle the financial needs
4) Thinking about online services
5) Taking good rest, having food and sleep on time
6) Sharing Corona Related sensible updates to my contacts (and in social media)
7) Spending personal time with family

Gist of Prime Minister’s address to the Nation about Corona Virus Awareness today 19th March 2020

* 22nd March – 7am to 9pm – Follow Janta Curfue – stay indoors

* Convey your thanks to the doctors, police, drivers, healthcare professionals through your claps on 22nd March Sunday at 5pm.

* Do make payments to your employees even though there is no work.

* Don’t get panic about shortage of milk and other essential food products. There wouldnt be any shortage.

* Avoid visiting hospitals for regular checkup and postpone planned surgeries to next month if possible.

More info in the video ….

#covid19 #pray #prevent #precaution #plan #prepare #helpeachother #primeminister #pmspeech #socialdistancing

What #Corona #Virus has taught us? How can our life / career change because of this?

Have explained in below Video which is in Tamil: But in nutshell, we should follow the same discipline throughout our life, in career and in other things like following road discipline, avoiding stress etc. The loss because of Corona is very less compared to loss in road accidents because of negligence, heart attacks because of stress in work, etc. So let’s start working on those as well.

Things discussed in this video:
Personal Hygiene
Value of life
Value of our beloved ones
Focus on career
Focus on family values

#covid19 #pray #prevent #precaution #plan #prepare #helpeachother

How to handle this tough situation of #Corona outbreak and the Shutdown in the entire State, both professionally and personally

Things discussed in this Video:
1) What to do for those who are already affected by Corona Virus?
2) Preventive and precautionary measures
3) What are the emotional mistakes we make
4) When will this issue be resolved?
5) What to do if your events or other official works are cancelled?
6) What are the works you can do being at home, so that your business is not affected?
7) How to plan your day being at home?
8) How do we handle someone approaches us for help in this tough time

#corona #virus #covid-19 #helpeachother #pray #prevent #precaution #plan #prepare

Facebook Live Video: What to do if your events (or official works) get cancelled due to Corona Outbreak



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